The Time of Ice has passed.

The mountain passes have opened, and beyond them is a new land, lush and fertile, and untouched for hundreds of years before us. Our grandparents left behind the world they knew and came here, clearing land and building towns and cities in this new place. And a good thing they did, for the dry stones of our ancestral homes have only grown drier and dustier since then.

But we discovered quickly that we were not alone in this new place. Sailors came from across the seas and rivers, and wandering herdsmen made their way across the mossy flats to the north. We met with elves who claimed to have survived the whole Time of Ice huddled, dreaming, in their secret hideaways, and dwarves who dug fortresses in the mountains, too deep for the ice to chill them. There are the remains of our ancestors here, too: men and women who revere the same Immortal Lords, who built cities and fortresses in this fair land before us.

However, there is danger in this place: from wild beasts, many enormous, who stalked this land even while it was still frozen, to the monstrous creatures that spew from caves and make their dwelling in our ancestors' ruins. Still, despite the threat of our enemies, this land is more bountiful than the whole of our old kingdom.

We must persist. We have only the tiniest handhold in this wild land, but its riches are too great to retreat. We must press on.

The Thaw